Digital Business Transformation

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SURGE, a digitally-driven company, helps industries to achieve digitization in order to shine in this modern era where technology plays an indispensable role. We offer an integrated approach towards digital business transformation through Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation and Voice Based Solutions.

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What makes us “unique"

We specialize in delivering enterprise-level solutions and services to transform your business into a center of excellence


We understand your business requirements and instantly provide enterprise-level solutions to enhance your business.


Grow your business with simple and strong business solutions and technology-driven services.


Capitalize on smart and innovative solutions to meet the market demands in the modern era of technology and information.


Avail yourself of actionable insights and make informed decisions to boost your business methodologies.

Digitally Driven Services

We specialize in delivering enterprise-level solutions and services to transform your business into a center of excellence.

Industry Success Stories

Surge has been part of many successful implementation of BPM solutions across the industries. Here are a few of them.


Large Accounting services modernise their business process

Complex business process where running in legacy technology-based system and was high on maintenance incurring a higher Total Cost of Ownership.

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Leading QMS solution provider implements an automated quality

Client wanted to offer business and compliance analyst to create and deploy business processes themselves without any major IT support.

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Large Financial services firm implements an online application processing system

An online application processing system for small business lending with automated processes starting from Pre-decision to Post-decision.

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Global Telecom player attains high degree of automation and process transparency

To Automate the processes of global sales across all domains high availability in a high-load scenario and the integration with the Enterprise system.

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We have partnership with the industry leaders in the opensource BPM technology products.

System Integration Partner

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

We make your Business

We work for our customer’s satisfaction to harness the potential of remarkable future technologies. Surge Technologies help organizations to integrate RPA and BPM seamlessly into their existing enterprise application system. From simple scrap data to the on-site deployment of cognitive robots and implementing effective business strategies, we offer a wide range of services that help you to reduce cost, manage complexity, maximize the utilization of industry-leading skills and technologies, and cultivate an innovative lifestyle in your business.

While commencing a Digitally Reinventing journey with Surge Technologies, your business can be way more revolutionized by the implementation of purpose-built innovative solutions, quality monitoring, and systematic executions.

Want to digitize your business?

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