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    Empowering Digitization
    Since 2018

    Driving transformative innovation to redefine possibilities

    Imagination and sustained innovation fuels growth.

    To grow, we encounter problems unique to an industry and enterprise. At Surge, we let the problem dictate the solution, the team and the schedule. Be it the newer business models you wish to adopt, newer customer experiences that can be harnessed or supporting the core operations, our digital interventions help you Surge ahead.


    Driving digital transformation for a smarter, more connected world.


    To empower organizations by streamlining their operations, optimizing
    performance, and guiding them towards unparalleled success
    through innovative digital solutions.

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    Leadership Team

    Prem Kumar Munna Swamy

    Founder & CEO
    Prem Kumar Munna Swamy, a 23-years of expertise in the technology industry, serves as both CEO and entrepreneur, propelling our IT company to global prominence. His unwavering work ethics have transformed over 20 Fortune 50 companies, driven by his expertise in process automation, digital transformation, business consulting, and IT strategy. Prem’s people-centric approach and diverse service offerings have fueled Surge Technology Solutions’ global expansion. As a technology leader, he has set up delivery, sales, and RPA practices at previous MNCs, consistently achieving remarkable results. His mantra, “Be Yourself and own your decisions,” has instilled trust, innovation, and a culture of learning within the organization. Under Prem’s visionary leadership, Surge not only excels in technology solutions but also prioritizes community impact and environmental stewardship, shaping a brighter future for all.